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Why Choose Culture Care Landscaping?

At Culture Care, we like to think of reasons why you should choose us as "distinctives." The following are our distinctives:

1. We Care

People • Process • Product

2. Year Round Yard Care

3. Employee Relations

We value our employees and offer not only appropriate wages and great benefits, but also human dignity and respect. We appreciate employee input into the everyday workings of the company.

4. Customer Relations

We provide friendly, personalized service. Due to our employee retention and high work standards, we are able to provide not only quality finished products, but also great customer service.

5. Reliability

Our company has been a thriving business since 2001. Most of our employees have worked in the landscaping industry locally for many years as well. We hold memberships in various industry and community organizations and maintain business integrity with the government insurance agencies and WCB at all times.

It Pays to Hire a Professional Landscaping Company

Why hire a professional landscaping company such as Culture Care Landscaping?

The services of a competent, qualified landscape professional can mean the difference between enjoying the pleasure of your outdoor living space, or dealing with frustrations regarding process, safety, and finished product.

Culture Care Landscaping holds memberships in the following professional associations:

Our company has been in business since 2001 and our employees have many years of experience in their fields. Many of our employees have formal horticultural training and certifications in irrigation and retaining wall installation. We also have WorkSafeBC coverage for all of our employees and extensive liability insurance for the work we do. For larger jobs, a contractual relationship is entered outlining details regarding the responsibilities of the company and the homeowner.

All of the above components of our company help to ensure a safe, hassle-free process with our clients as well as a technically excellent and aesthetically pleasing finished product.

It Pays to Have a Professionally-Landscaped Yard

According to the Journal of Environmental Horticulture, the characteristics of your home’s landscaping can greatly improve the property’s real estate value, in addition to exponentially decreasing the time it takes for a house to sell.

Tree covered lot Adds 2-9%
A single tree Adds 2%
Hedges, patios, walls, landscaped curbs Adds 2-4% each
Sophisticated landscape design Adds 5-10%
Improving average landscaping to excellent quality Adds 10% to resale price
Each dollar invested in upgrading a landscape Returns $1.35