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Culture Care Landscaping Prepares for Winter

October 23rd 2018

Culture Care Landscaping has been providing quality landscaping, irrigation, maintenance, and snow removal services in Kamloops, BC and surrounding area since 2001. The diverse team brings years of experience and knowledge to their work within a model of excellent customer service. As a multiple award-winning company in Kamloops, Culture Care keeps busy in all four seasons. There is no flying south for the winter within this line of work!

As fall advances, the crew at Culture Care Landscaping can be seen throughout the Kamloops area working on winterization projects.

Our Winterizing Projects in Kamloops:

Winterizing Sprinkler Systems

• Each fall, our certified Irrigation Technicians winterize automatic sprinkler systems to reduce potential harm to the irrigation parts due to freezing temperatures. Using an air compressor, our technicians blow out systems quickly, safely, and efficiently. These measures contribute to the overall longevity of sprinkler parts and systems.

Fall Cleanup and Other Winter Prep

• Regardless of what the weather is up to, our Maintenance Crew takes advantage of every pre-snow day to complete fall cleanup projects, including raking leaves, mulching, last grass mowing, wrapping cold-sensitive plants, fall pruning, hedge trimming, cleaning up branches and debris and more. Fall cleanup helps keep pests at bay and contributes to overall health of a landscaped area.

Gearing up for Snow Removal

• Gearing up for snow removal by our fully trained and experienced staff. In the Kamloops area, the snow typically begins to fly in late October and sometimes earlier. Culture Care Landscaping is fully insured to offer prompt and safe snow shoveling, plowing, snow removal/relocation, and de-icing at residences, stratas, and commercial sites.

Fall is a busy time of year for Culture Care Landscaping, and the work we do now makes spring start up easier and safer.

Why Choose Culture Care Landscaping?

Culture Care Landscaping stands out in many ways, and at the core of their excellence is the value they place in their employees, many of whom have formal horticultural training and certifications in irrigation and retaining wall installation. High staff retention is difficult to achieve in the modern day. Doing so allows Culture Care to offer customers a high standard of professional services year-round.

In their work ethic and community presence, Culture Care Landscaping in Kamloops values
1. A caring focus on people, process and product.
2. Willingness to offer year-round yard care.
3. Strong employee relations.
4. Professional and friendly customer relations.
5. Reliability and business integrity.

Owner Brent Bylsma summarizes his thoughts on the uniqueness of his 17-year old company,

“Culture Care Landscaping has developed a solid reputation in Kamloops, BC and the surrounding areas for our headache-free process, quality finished product and excellent customer service. We could not do this without a team of employees who return to work for us year after year, employees who commit to safety, excel in their work habits and love being a part of our Culture Care team.”

Culture Care Landscaping would love to hear from you and to offer a free quotation on your project! Let our team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals take care of your fall yard cleanup and winter snow removal. Be sure to drop by our Facebook page, read out posts, and share your thoughts.

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